Human resources policy

At GOLAND we always mindful that “Human resources is the power to create success for the Company”. Hence, GOLAND always respect the all contribution of people to the success of Company. We provide all GOLAND’s members a dynamic and fair working environment where each employee has the same opportunity to improve on yours work as well as yours life. All successes, even the smallest, are recognized and rewarded by Company.

GOLAND with the recruitment policy is constantly improving to narrow the gap between the Recruiter and the Candidate. Hoping to give you great opportunities for your career development.


1. Policy to attract talents:

GOLAND always has the policy of meritocracy. For good people who have more experiences in related fields, there is always special remuneration. First and foremost, to motivate employees to constantly improve their work efficiency, the longer term is to attract talented people to work for the company.


2. Salary policy:

- GOLAND's salary system is built on the principle of fairness, comprehensive evaluation based on performance, experience, skills, qualifications and seniority of employees.

- The salary increase is made once a year based on the previous year's performance, the rate of inflation in the market, and the income level of the same companies in domestic market to ensure competition.


3. Welfare policy:

With the aim of creating favorable conditions for employees to peacefully work, sticking for a long time, therefore, the remuneration policy has always be paid attention and continuously improved. At GOLAND, employees are entitled to clear salary and bonus; the policies at the moment are as bellows:

- Periodically reviewing and adjusting the Salary following the performance; Salary of outstanding cases are adjusted ahead of time.

- Periodic rewarding through highly effective work, typical performance

- Full Insurance (Health Insurance, Social Insurance, Unemployment Insurance) and Accident Insurance on site.

- Organizing annual health checks.

- Visiting, encouraging the staff when their families have sick people; give gifts to employees when marrying, giving birth; Gifts for women staff on March 8 and October 20….


4. Training and career development Policy

GOLAND always pays attention on improving capacity of each employee. Employees, especially management positions, specialists are trained by the internal training programs and training outside the company.


5. Promotion policy:

Because of organizational development, GOLAND always provides opportunities for staff who has full qualification and professional achievements to be promoted to higher position where need to be recruited or upgraded.


6. Reward policy:

GOLAND always has rewards in artifact and spirit, encourages work enthusiasm, stimulates creativity, dedication of employees. The reward policy will be gradually improved to ensure competitiveness and labor market relevance to increase motivation for current employees and to attract good workers from outside.


7. Working environment and other social activities:

At GOLAND we create friendly working environment, safe and hygienic; Employees are fully equipped with working equipment, personal protective equipment and labor hygiene. Professional and responsible working culture, people always united overcome difficulties and challenges.

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